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  Women in Leadership 2013 - Action Learning Project

Flexible Working Arrangements


Alan Davis, AVC People & Organisational Development


Fiona McMorran, Employment Relations Manager


To be able to recruit and retain excellent staff, the University needs to be able to meet the changing expectations of employees by being able to offer flexible employment arrangements which meet both the needs of the employee and the University.

The demographics of the labour market include an increasing number of people facing the demands of both child-care and elder-care, together with a new generation of employees with a different set of expectations of work and personal interests.

New Zealand legislation has provided a partial response to some of these issues, by introducing a requirement for employers to consider to requests for care-giving responsibilities.  A current review of employment legislation is exploring the extension of this to wider needs besides care-giving. The University has a range of existing arrangements for flexible work, but wishes to establish a richer suite of arrangements that can be operationalized.

The Massey Pay and Employment Equity Review report also recommends the use of part-time employment and suggested a range of actions to support this particular form of flexibility.

In establishing a suite of flexible employment arrangements, our approach will need to:

  • create a shared view about the value and sensibility of flexible employment;
  • support an informed shift in thinking about where and at what level various flexible arrangements can work successfully and where they are not workable for both parties;
  • clarity around approvals;
  • have “turn-key” documentation which enable parties to confidently enter such arrangements; and
  • arrangements that are actually able to be operationalized in payroll.



 Contribute to the development of a broad suite of potential flexible employment arrangements, which is informed by real needs of Massey staff and University managers and which is anchored in a clear business imperative.  

 The objective is not to promulgate a policy that says we will do this, but to develop actual employment scenarios that are able to be implemented.


A report for use by Employment Relations, in developing an official suite of flexible employment arrangements, which sets out –

  • Input of ideas around flexible employment arrangements from a sample of staff, comprising a balance of men and women, academic and professional services, and staff levels (including HOD level).
  • Some information (but not extensive) on practices of other Universities and other large organisations.
  • A schedule of employment scenarios, with a description, factors that make the scenario more or less feasible.
  • Draft guidelines for managers which are front-ended with business and cultural imperatives; which reflect the requirements of legislations.

The Report need not include an extensive literature review; draft clauses for specific arrangements (as these will be developed by Employment relations around specific arrangements that get approved later); or development of a University Policy. 



By the end of May 2013 

CAPABILITIES:  Competencies this assignment would help develop include:

  • Project management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Role & task allocation
  • Consultation
  • Interpersonal, collaboration skills
  • Communication strategy and planning
  • Remuneration and Employment Agreements.


Access to the following personnel and technical advice:


  • Suzzane McNabb, Women’s Officer Tertiary Education Union
  • Fiona McMorran, HR


  • Pay & Employment Equity Review Report (in particular, Section 8 of recommended actions)
  • Labour Department Report on Flexible Work


  • Background of the part-time issue and the suite of potential actions.
  • Background on PaEE, Dept of Labour Report on Flexible Work & practices in other Uni’s
  • Advice and guidance on current available arrangements and legislative requirements.
  • Analysis of NZ practices


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