Roof refurbishment: all the information and details to know

Roof coverage is one of the main aspects of a house, whatever its size. The roof is in the common imagination the part of a house that absolutely ensures protection and shelter. For this reason, roof refurbishment, when necessary, is an expense to be faced with the awareness of those who know well that a healthy home is a home that guarantees adequate roof coverage.

When the house requires maintenance, the renovation of the metal roof is usually one of the most important aspects. Atmospheric agents, age and wear and tear can compromise the roof covering and compromise the thermal seal of your home. 

Although the cost of the roof refurbishment can be substantial, the importance of repairing any leaks or remedying problems of various kinds should not be underestimated.
When you do not know exactly what kind of renovation the roof of the house you need, contact our professionals and request a quote, in order to know exactly the intervention necessary for the renovation of the roof of your house. 

What is the cost of roofing the house?

If you have noticed the first signs of problems related to roofing or if you think you want to increase the thermal resistance of the house roof, it is likely that you do not know exactly what the cost of refurbishing the roof might be.

Industry experts will be able to prepare a personalized quotation , which takes into account various phases and aspects:

  • Inspection to define which cover the roof needs;
  • Materials to be used for roof renovation;
  • Any equipment to be procured, such as scaffolding or lifting ladders;
  • Labor;
  • Disposal of waste materials in landfills.

The cost of tile roof renovation consists of many items that must be considered. It also varies a lot according to the type of roof covering that you eventually decide to make. If the roof renovation requires the use of cranes or scaffolding, the professional will count them in the estimate and if he does not have his own equipment, he will also have to add the price for their rental.

To find out exactly the cost of the roof refurbishment, you can request a free quote and get more quotes with a single sending. In this way you can make your choice, based on your specific needs, of economic order and return.

When is the best time to redo the roof?

Usually you can understand when the time comes to redo the bathrooms or to paint the house but for the roof covering it is not always very easy to guess. Especially if you are not in the sector, you do not know exactly the type of intervention required for the roof renovation. 
It is therefore necessary to consult the advice of professionals who know the sector well and know how to advise you on the most suitable time for the renovation of the roof of your home. 

In general, it can be understood that there is some problem with the roof covering, when mold or condensation begins to appear , especially during the cold season. Other unequivocal signs are represented by the presence of infiltrations on the ceiling. During the hot season, however, you may feel a sense of suffocating heat , especially in the attic or in the attic.

Even if you notice that parts of the roof are broken, it is very likely the time has come for a professional intervention.

The best time to request a roof refurbishment are the warm months , spring or summer, when the good weather allows interventions and facilitates the drying of sheaths and seals.

What interventions can be carried out in the renovation of the roof?

The interventions for the renovation of the roof can be of various kinds, more or less invasive. The roof covering can be arranged simply by replacing some deteriorated tiles, with new ones, or by replacing a part of the roof covering sheath.

In the most serious cases, however, the cost of roof renovation increases because more important interventions are necessary. This happens when it is necessary to take into account the total renovation of the roof. In other words, all the tiles are removed, the entire roof covering detached and a completely new sheath is applied which, in addition to remedying the old problems caused by leaks and infiltrations, also increases the thermal seal , improving the insulation of your home. After the seal, the old or new tiles are applied and, in some circumstances, the rain drains are also replaced.

If you are still in doubt about the need to intervene on the roof of the house and the urgency of the timing with which to carry out the renovation of the roof, contact our professionals by requesting a quote . 

Once the inspection has been carried out, they will determine what interventions are needed, how long to work on the roof covering and how to carry out a job that guarantees optimal sealing with the roof renovation.

How to give personality to the house through the renovation of the roof

The refurbishment of the roof can also become an opportunity to obtain a better aesthetic result for your home. 

The latest production technologies have made it possible to develop highly performing tiles. In fact, as an alternative to traditional tiles, you can also request the application of special concrete, mineral or even design tiles . Find tiles with a linear shape and a variety of colors. 

Many shingles are produced in a material suitable to withstand atmospheric agents more than traditional terracotta shingles. These are particularly resistant, stable and waterproof tiles. Their composition includes special pigments that reflect excess heat and mitigate the sensation of heat oppression generated by old roof coverings.

If you are interested in knowing more about it, request a free quote and let yourself be advised by the experts with whom you will be put in contact.