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Welcome to myPortfolio

My Portfolio provides a personal learning environment to record and showcase evidence of achievement, manage development plans, set goals, and create online learning communities.

Training and Support

Kineo (Pacific) delivers high value low cost solutions in open source educational technologies. Please view Support for more information.

Registered Institutions

Many tertiary education organisations are already using the MyPortfolio service.

See the list of registered institutions...

myPortfolio is for...

  • Create a plan of study, a career plan, map your personal development
  • Maintain multiple web-based resum├ęs and portfolios for work, study, and life
  • Showcase your achievements with all sorts of files, photos, blogs and graphics
  • Create media rich portfolios to share with family, friends, employers and instructors
  • Reflect as part of your learning experience
  • Create portfolio projects as part of your course delivery
  • Help your students prepare and thrive in the digital age
  • Comment on and assess your students' achievements
  • Create your own portfolio, for your courses and for your career
  • Explore how portfolios and personal development planning can deliver learning outcomes